Tethys is, a growing service provider , Engineering and consultancy company which is manly focused on Deep foundation engineering and testing services which is using PDI products ;the largest manufacturer of foundation dynamic testing equipment in the world. Tethys excels in high quality Service and customer support for quality assurance of deep foundations.


Pile Testing History

In the mid-1960s, at what is now known as Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, Professor George G. Goble, became the principal investigator of a research project to develop new technologies of pile testing. The Ohio Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration funded the initial study, entitled “Dynamic Studies on the Bearing Capacity of Piles”, which resulted in an electronic testing device displaying the bearing capacity of a pile based on fundamental stress wave theory. During that time, as a graduate student, Dr. Frank Rausche, developed the Case Method and CAPWAP® analysis. A short time later, Garland Likins, also a graduate student at Case, joined in both the software and hardware development efforts. In 1972, the trio came together to form Pile Dynamics, Inc. (PDI), a firm dedicated to developing quality assurance instruments for the deep foundation industry, most notably, the Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA). PDI continues to innovate the deep foundations industry through the development of quality assurance/quality control testing equipment and technologies. Our technologies are used worldwide on various types of deep foundation structures, both onshore and offshore. We offer customized training in the use of our equipment, as well as certified continuing education through foundation testing workshops, seminars and webinars around the world.


Tethys History

In March 2002 we trained by PDI specialists and start using PDI products as forerunner group of local engineers who relied on PDA results in site investigation phase of one of the most unique local construction projects to complete the geotechnical investigation in order to achieve more accurate and trustable soil parameters and optimizing the engineering design. This motivated us to stablish a knowledge oriented organization for providing specifically Pile test services which leaded us to develop our engineering knowledge by participating in annual PDI events and training courses and also keeping updating the equipment and softwares enable us to claim for providing high quality services.



While Tethys is a new name in Pile test industry but our people are not. We are honor to claim being the forerunner leading group of people for technology transfer and localizing the pile test technology in our area from 2002 which resulted to forming highly qualified follower service providers as the most valuable competitors that are making the market more dynamic. Now More than ever, Tethys is committed to quality, and superior customer care by standing alongside of clients to fulfill their requirements and, every our services excel in quality, reliability, accuracy and durability.




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